Upcoming Release of completely new Shop System in September

Sortie prochaine du tout nouveau système de boutique en septembre. Que l'anglais.
Bevorstehende Veröffentlichung des komplett neuen Shopsystems im September. Nur auf Englisch.

Probably in the second week of September.

Server Hardware failure. Drives fully erased. Whole new Server and Setup is needed. Lots of work!

No Photos lost but the shop system is gone and was outdated. All order invoices exists.

Login details for accounts which had made any purchase had been transferred. This refers only to login details which should work in the new shop.

Yes but no. New Shop System, new products but same philosophy of photo series to promote physical activity internationally among sports and leisure for youngsters.

English only. Mostly new releases. Modern shop system with better design, wishlist, better product previews, pre-orders, auctions, more flexible discounts, product bundles. Reintroduction of VIP Versions. Same amount of pictures as the Standard Version but resolution as SuperVIP.

No, since it is a completely new shopping system I couldn't transfer products or orders. Download insurance will be fulfilled so those customers will get access again.

If your download insurance is still valid and not expired ages ago I will give you download access for your insured purchases.

Contact me. You will receive your order.

Only on special request if I see enough demand. Focus is on releasing unpublished Series.

Yes, if you already know what you want. Only direct Bank Transfers onto my European Bank Account or possibly by Bitcoin.